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Latest News

By-Law Draft Amendments

CIPHI MB by-law amendments have been approved and the new by-laws are now available and on the website for availability to the public.

Environmental Public Health Week Sept 25- 29

The Government of Manitoba has proclaimed this week as Environmental Public Health Week. Feel proud, members, while you read the proclamation letter signed by the MInister.

Proclamation Letter from the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living, Kelvin Goertzen

Jennifer Hughes and Ali Rana were able to speak to the world on live television to let viewers know about Environment Public Health Week, and to talk about some common myths in the kitchen! They made their appearance on the CTV Morning Live Show in Winnipeg on September 25, 2017. Ali's beard is on point.

2017 CIPHI MB Educational Workshop - October 12

This year's workshop was held on October 12, 2017 at the Viscount Gort Hotel, 1670 Portage Ave, in Winnipeg, MB.

New Committee Members

Nominations were put forth, and there are some new committee members were determined at the AGM meeting on October 21st. The new committee members are:
Ali Rana - President
Jennifer Hughes - Vice President
Natalie Lowdon - Secretary
Mike LeBlanc - Treasurer
Councilors: Kiran Sidhu, Lorelle Weiss, Christina Bueti, Monique Nguyen

Also, the new CoPE representative is Lorelle Weiss. Thank you, Lorelle, for accepting this position. And thank you to our committee members for the time and efforts they give to our Branch.

Recruitment Coordinator for CIPHI National – CIPHI has created a new unique volunteer position to help coordinate and facilitate the recruitment of other volunteers required periodically by the National Executive Council, Board of Certification, Council of Professional Experience, Environmental Health Foundation of Canada and Branches of CIPHI. If you are interested, please contact Ann Thomas, President of CIPHI at president@ciphi.ca.

Change to National AGM Policy

In regards to the proposals for discussion at a national AGM, there have been changes which can be viewed here.

CIPHI MB is now on Twitter and Facebook

Our twitter handle is CIPHI Manitoba @CIPHI_MB, and you can find us on Facebook at CIPHI Manitoba.