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What is CIPHI?

The Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors is the dedicated professional association for Public Health Inspectors in Canada. CIPHI works towards advancement of the profession, science and field of Environmental Public Health through the certification, advocacy, education and setting of standards. CIPHI represents Environmental Public Health Professionals across Canada and certifies EPH Professionals such as Public Health Inspectors, Environmental Health Officers and EPH specialist.

Manitoba's Public Health Inspectors have a wide range of duties which include, but are not limited to inspections of: food handling establishments, swimming pools/recreational water facilities, personal service facilities, care facilities, foodborne illness investigations, communicable disease investigations, rental housing standards and various other public health-related issues. Currently, there is an ever increasing need for public health inspectors in Manitoba. We encourage people interested in the field of biology, chemistry and health sciences to investigate further into this interesting career.

Manitoba's Public Health Inspectors and the MB Branch of CIPHI are proud to serve you by providing the necessary inspection and education services to meet Manitoban's public health needs.


100 of past and present CIPHI members were honored as Members of Distinction for the 100 year celebration of CIPHI. Included are the following Manitoba Branch Members of Distinction:

Albert Atamanchuk
Frederick Charles Austin
Bernie Chrisp
John Joseph Courteau
Alexander Cross
Dr. Alexander Douglas
Stefane Gravelle
Eernest WJ Hague
Mike LeBlanc
June Lawson
Tim Ness
Alexander Officer
Ebenezer Brown Officer
Percy Pickering
Dr. Edwouard Johnston Rigby
Collin Dean Sargeant
John Richard Sokolowski
Bruse Stephen
William Jackson Turner Watt


Branch Executive

President - Ali Rana
Past President - Kathleen Martin
Vice President - Jennifer Hughes
Secretary - Natalie Lowdon
Treasurer - Mike LeBlanc


Kiran Sidhu

Kiran graduated from the Environmental Health Program at Concordia University College in Edmonton, Alberta. She also has a Human Nutritional Sciences degree from the University of Manitoba. She completed her practicum with Manitoba Health in Morden and currently works in Portage La Prairie. Kiran grew up in Manitoba and enjoys travelling, yoga, spending time with friend and family and enjoying all the festivals and events that Manitoba has to offer.

Lorelle Weiss

Christina Bueti

Monique Nguyen

Graduating from BCIT a couple of years ago, Monique worked briefly with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency as a Meat Inspector.  She is now currently working with Health Canada under The First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, as an Environmental Health Officer.  Its been an eye opening experience traveling to all the different communities in Manitoba.

Branch Executive Commitees

CIPHI Manitoba Standing Committee Listings

Education and Training
Chair: Mike LeBlanc
Members:  Ali Rana, Cristina Bueti, Natalie Lowdon, Kathleen Martin, Kiran Sidhu
Membership / Student Recruitment
Co-Chair:  Monique Nguyen, Natalie Lowdon
Social Committee
Chair:  Kiran Sidhu
Members:  Monique Nguyen, Jennifer Hughes, Cristina Bueti, Lorelle Weiss
Constitution and By-Law
Chair: Kathleen Martin 
Members: Mike Leblanc
Chair:  Jennifer Hughes
Members: Natalie Lowdon, Cristina Bueti, Ali Rana